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Longboard Gloves or Longboard Slide Gloves are a great safety accessory if you are a serious longboarder. Looking to step up your game and learn to power slide and drift at high speeds? Then you need a good set of Longboard Sliding Gloves.

What to look for when buying gloves:

If you're new to the sport I'd go for a higher end glove like the Loaded Freeride or NordiK Freeride gloves. They have more safety features, such as wrist straps and extra finger pucks, for a longer lasting glove when you're just learning how to slide.

More experienced riders can opt for a cheaper style longboarding glove, like the Sector 9 BHNC or the Landyachtz Freeride gloves. They sport a nice slide puck but minimal features and a nice low price point, which means they're great for experienced riders but wont last long for a beginner slider.

Sure, when youíre a beginner and youíre just starting out, gloves may not yet be imperative. However, for the serious skateboarder, a good set of gloves is non-negotiable. The more you skateboard, the more wear and tear your hands and fingers will be subjected to. The last thing you want to do is damage your fingers to the point that you cannot skateboard.

While it is tempting just to grab an old pair of work gloves, you need a proper pair of gloves designed for skateboarding. Why? These gloves are designed to stand up under the pressure you will undoubtedly put them through and will keep your hands and fingers safe from nasty injuries. Normal gloves (even gloves designed for outdoor labor) are not designed to take the stress of repeatedly encountering pavement so they will not hold up well for skateboarding.

Boards on Nord makes it easy for skateboarders to get a pair of quality slide gloves at a reasonable cost. We offer one of the largest selections of longboarding gear in the world. We are a great place to find all of the safety gear you need to enjoy your longboard without getting injured.

We offer gloves in a variety of glove sizes at a variety of prices. We always have some items on sale so be sure to check those out. We know that your personal style is important. Thatís why we offer gloves in every color.

Many of the gloves we offer feature beautiful designs. We have gloves from all of your favorite brands, so you can get a set of gloves that matches your favorite longboard. The brands we carry include Landyachtz, Sector 9, and Triple 8.Donít let your fingers become a casualty of your longboarding obsession. Grab a pair of sliding gloves and protect yourself while you enjoy your board.

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