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Skateboard Wheels from only the top brands; Bones Wheels and Spitfire Wheels. Bones styles such as the STF, SPF, 100's series and more. Spitfire wheels like the Spitfire Bigheads and Spitfire Classics from sizes 48mm to 63mm in size. Free Shipping on all skateboarding wheels!

For the all the best skate board wheels on the market, see us at Boards On Nord first. We carry the most popular styles and sizes from the top brands, so you’ll always find what you’re looking for.

All wheels are not created the same. There are substantial differences in the materials and production techniques used to manufacture different brands, which results in varying performance qualities.

Bones skateboarding wheels provide a great balance of functionality, durability, and high quality. They’re extremely resistant to flat spots, which makes them a great value at any price. In fact, the company is so determined to produce the highest quality wheels that they create their own distinct urethanes for different kinds of boarding uses. You won’t go wrong with a set of Bones skateboard wheels!

Spitfire skateboarding wheels are made of long-lasting urethane that is also highly resistant to flat-spotting. This awesome brand has been producing high-quality wheels and a variety of other skate accessories in California since 1987. You can find Bones or Spitfire skate board wheels here at Boards On Nord, as well as a variety of other brands.

Different types of wheels are better for different riding styles and environments. Hard wheels with a rating of 97a and higher are best for street and park skating. They’re also great for skating vert, as those surfaces usually have some grip to help skaters keep the slick wheels under control. Medium-hard wheels with ratings of 90a-97a are good for skaters who want the freedom to cruise and still be able to skate at a park without changing the setup. Dedicated cruisers and longboarders should opt for the softest wheels, with ratings of 75a-85a.

No matter how or where you skate, we’ve got everything you need here at NordBoards.com.

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