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There is nothing like the feeling of owning a skateboard. Everyone knows it takes years of practice to become the best rider, but many forget to choose the right skateboarding gear. From intricately crafted skateboards to precision wheels, having top of the line equipment can turn a normal riding experience into an extraordinary one.

Decks are the backbones of any skateboard. While they each have their own sense of style and unique graphics, most fall into one of only four distinct categories; short, traditional, cruiser, or long decks. The size and shape of our skateboards on sale are specifically tailored to optimize certain features, like completing tricks or cruising around town.

Wheels are crucial to the overall design of each skateboard. Smaller models will give a rider the best balance during tricks while larger versions make for an easy, bump-free cruise through the neighborhood. Still, it is all about style for these standouts. Companies are producing wheels in just about every color for those hard to customize decks, as well as for standard versions.

Accessories offer you a wide range of features, covering everything from safety to fashion. The choices are endless for riders, as they look to bring their own touches to any model. Throw a few stickers on from a favorite brand, or bring in graphics customized for each board. Bring along the wax to perfect that grind. Add some grip tape to the deck. The possibilities are endless!

For many riders, its important that their look and style be prominent. Many top producers, as well as specialty outlets, are bringing unique designs, graphics, and color schemes to every part of the board. From colorful trucks to vibrant bearings, even the smallest pieces carry a personal touch. Major designers from the world of fashion are also adding their statements to gear; collaborations are now becoming commonplace in the world of sport, with some valued for their collectability, as well as their ride.

Being part of the action is a thrill for every rider. At Boards on Nord, we understand the adrenaline rush and are here to help customers every step (or wheel) of the way. Contact us today, and well help you find the right ride, and skateboarding gear, to fit your style and specifications.

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