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Longboard bearings are the heart and soul of every wheel. Think of them as team members that protect each alignment from the strain of constant movement. Without these helpful devices, your wheel and deck would be helpless to the forces of friction and extreme heat.

Choosing the right gear from this category is vital to maintaining a great ride that will is safe as well as fun. The basic facts of longboard bearings are simple. These small circular shaped items neatly slip into any wheel and help it hold tightly to the axle. No size guide is needed when it comes to these durable items. The majority of selections will fit any set.

Their purpose is simple, reduce the friction that a deck might otherwise encounter during regular use. Steel as well as ceramics are the most commonly seen materials. Both are great heat conductors among longboard bearing because they can stand up to the consistent amounts of force generated during each session. Ceramics considered more valuable than their steel counterparts because they can be fitted on expert gear such as those decks raced on downhill courses.

Keeping an eye on longboard bearings is one of the most important steps a rider can take in daily care of their wheels. Steel piece are especially vulnerable and need regular amounts of lubrication applied on a weekly basis, if not more. There are three possible sizes for bearings.

The most popular and well known additions feature a diameter of roughly 22mm. Other sizes usually require tools or special items to function at its best levels. For example, miniature models may need an outer covering to keep them in place inside the casing. Riders are always encouraged to look for the most durable choices. These selections will keep the entire set moving without the hassle or worry of constant replacements.

The team at Norboards knows what goes into the care and maintenance of your gear. Our experts are also riders who understand how to make the most out of each journey. Contact us today to see how much we care about getting riders the best deal on the perfect equipment.

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