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Longboard / Skateboard Mounting Hardware
Longboard / Skateboard Mounting Hardware
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Find all of the skateboarding accessories you need, right here at Boards On Nord. We keep a full supply of a wide variety of items for you – bushings, grip tape, wax, hardware like washers and springs, and so much more.

Smaller items like washers and bushings can actually provide the most positive effects when it comes to controlling and enjoying the ride. When they’re modified to fit the riding style and weight of the rider, the result is a much more comfortable ride than with the stock parts. If you invest a little time and effort to trade out these primary skateboarding accessories, your reward will be the right amount of rebound and stiffness to provide the best possible turning and stability.

Grip tape can be a critical addition to your deck, as it keeps your feet from slipping off the board when you reposition them. There is a wide variety of types to choose from, and your riding preferences will determine how coarse your grip tape needs to be. The faster and more extreme your skating style, the coarser tape you need. If you like to cruise or spend your time at skate bowls or parks, you’ll be better off with less coarse tape. And, of course, you can choose from a great selection of tape colors and styles for complete customization of your board.

Some of the most useful and important skateboarding accessories we have for you are skate tools. All-in-one tools will allow you to make adjustments to mounting hardware or axle nuts without switching tools. And keeping a good bearing tool on hand will allow you to remove and replace your bearings without the help of a shop professional.

We have all the skateboarding gear you need to set up, enjoy, and maintain your board. When you’re looking for the highest quality skateboard accessories at the best prices, you owe it to yourself to check with us first.

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