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Sector 9 Longboards

Sector 9 Longboards
Sector 9 Longboards - Throw it back to the early 1990's in sunny southern California in the backyard of San Diego, CA. A few friends passing a joint talking about surfing the pavement on this new skateboard thats kinda like a surfboard. Epic, Dude, totally, Radical thoughts running through their minds. And yes now we have longboards. The industry was shaped and molded by this super chill company. Where would we be without the sidewinder trucks? They're still doing it over 20 years later and at the top of the longboard industry. Sector 9 keeps it real and keeps it original. If you want a mini cruiser, pintail longboard, drop through longboard, micro drop with w-concave, or any other style longboard sector 9 makes it.

If you pick a Sector 9 Longboard, it is hard to go wrong. Sector Nine longboards are made carefully with quality parts. They have also consistently earned good reviews from beginning skateboarders, skateboard enthusiasts, and even professionals.

The company sprang up in San Diego California, and their boards are still made there today. Each of their boards is crafted carefully to meet your expectations. It is also an environmentally conscious company, so their products appeal to skateboarders who want to keep the environment clean. Each of their boards is performance styled, so you know your board will be ready to go through any move you’re ready to take it through.

Finding the right Sector Nine item should be easy since Boards on Nord offers one of the biggest selections anywhere of Sector 9 products. If you’re looking for a classic item, check out the classic series. Need a great downhill board? Take a look at the Downhill Division series.

The Artist Series offers a great selection of boards that have a unique style so that you can personalize your skateboarding experience. Plan on doing some boarding at night? The Glow Series features boards with glow in the dark wheels.

If you’re looking for a unique bamboo board, you can check out the popular Bamboo Series. They also offer some great mini boards in its Mini Series and some higher end boards in its Platinum Series. From beginners to advanced skateboarders, there is a board for everyone.

Pick out your Sector 9 Longboard today, and get ready to master that new trick you’ve had your eye on using a board from one of the most dependable brands around.

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