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Sector 9 Divide Ninety Five Deck

Sector 9 Divide Ninety Five Deck
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Product Description

The Sector 9 Divide Ninety Five Deck features Yin and Yang. Light and Dark. Left and Right. Subtle and Forthright. The new Divided Collection embraces the idea of balance through opposition, with outward simplicity masking detail and complexity. The boards feature split Maple bottom plies for a contrast of color and lack thereof. While the black and white graphics above the wood appear relatively flat in color, they cover raised a marbled texture the pops in the light, giving these graphic a “hand.” The longer you hold one of the boards, the more detail you’ll notice, and that’s what we love.


DIMENSIONS Length: 30.5” Width: 8.375” Wheelbase: 14.25”

FEATURES 7 Ply Maple Maple Two-Color Split Bottom Ply Raised Texture Print Under Black and White Die-Cut Grip with Exposed Colored Top Ply Double Kick

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