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Sector 9 Combo Bambino Deck

Sector 9 Combo Bambino Deck
Item #:sector9-combo-bambino-longboard-deck
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Product Description

The Sector 9 Combo Bambino Deck has a simple black, minimalist illustration that provides a beautiful contrast to the natural Bamboo plies, creating a deck worthy of hanging in a gallery just as much as they are riding to the beach. Sector 9 has decided to once again partner on an artistic collaboration for a Bamboo Collection with French artist, The Minimalist Wave. Following a ritual process, he obsesses over the patterns of a wave crossing the ocean, as it evolves constantly. A traditionalist artist utilizing pen and ink for his drawings, his work is an invitation to find yourself in the heart of the ocean, to get lost and to discover imaginary worlds. RIDING STYLE Cruiser

DIMENSIONS Length: 26.5 Width: 7.5 Wheelbase: 14.0

FEATURES 5 Ply Bamboo Black Bamboo Inlay Stringers on Top Ply Kicktail Art by The Minimalist Wave

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