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Santa Cruz Longboard Skateboards

Every deck has its own sense of style, and that is even more true of the designs of Santa Cruz longboards. The brand has decades of knowledge about what it takes to produce the best forms and they put it to use in these versatile pieces. Construction is at the forefront of these decks with strength as well as modern art taking precedence.

A team of professional and amateur skaters have become a part of the company. Their attention to detail comes from years of participating in the skate parks around the country. As a result of this experience, several special touches were added, which help Santa Cruz longboards stand out from competitors. Through numerous demos, they found a great length and width to achieve common tricks as well as long distance rides.

Graphics are one of the features that everyone looks for in their own deck. Collaborations with popular companies such as Marvel are creating designs that will make everyone jealous. The striking colors and details are carefully laid out to ensure they look as good as they did on any designer's table. From the intricate lines of a skeleton to the wavy curves of a fluid pattern, it is hard not to find a style of Santa Cruz longboards that readily complements an individual's spirit.

Hybrid Santa Cruz longboards are a favorite of anyone who has tried the brand. These decks include the best of both worlds by bringing distance as well as speed to each model. Larger wheels are provided to give anyone the smoothest ride without sacrificing unique tricks such as flips and aerial kicks.

Classics like the Jammer focus on a cruiser style that is expertly crafted for long distances. Riders will find an added amount of stability that is useful as they encounter everything from city streets to winding curves. Its maple deck is perfectly crafted to meet the demands of daily use.

The exciting forms and designs from this brand can be found at Nordboards. Our knowledgeable staff is always available to help customers find the best choice that will perfectly complement every style. Contact us to see why we have become a skater's best friend. Browse our Santa Cruz longboards for sale and find the perfect fit!

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