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Skateboard Safety Gear

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Protection is one of the most important considerations for a rider. With so many choices to make, you need products that will match your size, style, and protective requirements – fortunately, the right skateboard safety gear has never been easier to find.

These days, every piece is uniquely tailored to meet the needs of its user, without giving up the quality that professionals, as well as amateurs, demand.

Helmets are at the forefront of preventing serious injuries. Most riders try to include one in their skateboard safety gear, but comfort can sometimes be a concern. Fortunately, with so many padding options, there is no reason to fear discomfort while seeking protection.

Some helmets even include detachable padding, which can be added or subtracted depending on the individual’s head shape and comfort level. Always look at the size of a helmet before making a purchase. Loose fits are just as dangerous as an overly tight model because chances are they will come off during use, increasing your chances of injury.

Feet may propel the board, but hands are just as crucial when considering skateboard safety gear. Wrist pads and gloves can easily be added to current protective equipment for maximum protection while cruising, or executing complex tricks.

Riders looking for faster speeds and downhill rides will be especially interested in using these pieces; they fit snugly on the wrist and hand and provide just enough protection if you reach towards the ground while slowing down. They are also useful for riders who are constantly performing tricks. Just a simple grab could cause abrasions to the palm, or broken fingers – and using your hand to break a fall can result in a much more serious injury.

Every rider looking for skateboard safety gear knows about elbow and knee pads. This form of protective equipment has been around for years, and you can trace their origins back to the earliest decks.

No matter the location of your ride, or the equipment you’re using, it is important to use skateboard protective gear on a daily basis. Make sure that each elbow or knee pad is the right fit – not too loose, but not so tight that it pinches the skin when worn.

There has never been a better time to consider new protective equipment. At Boards on Nord, our team is committed to finding the best skateboard protective gear at prices anyone can afford. Check us out today and experience an unrivaled customer service experience that takes the hassle out of online shopping.

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