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Pintail Longboards

Pintail Longboards
Classic pintail longboards like the arbor timeless pintail are exactly what you think about when you visualize a longboard. Great for carving, cruising, pushing, commuting and straight mobbing homie. Some top pintail longboards from sector 9 are the ledger and goddess long boards. Landyachtz also has a handful of popular styled pintail boards like the Pinner and totem models as well as the most popular battle axe 40 which is a classic pintail shape sporting a drop through mounting truck. Pintail longboards come in a variety of wood choices from maple, bamboo, walnut and Hawaiian koa styled longboard decks.

A pintail longboard carries one of the most distinctive shapes in all of skateboarding. Its pointed ends lead to a sleek design that will leave riders speechless. This fascinating category of decks is known for its long distance comfort as well as stability. Many first time riders gravitate to the appeal of the pintail longboard. The larger width and length gives newbies a feeling of balance as they learn about traversing areas like their city streets or local skate park. A lower overall max speed is especially helpful while getting used to sharp curves along any route. Keep in mind that the choice of urethane wheels may slightly increase the max speed total.

An easy to adjust system is one of the features that any skill level can agree on. One of the many pintail longboard features is its ability to simply change or replace trucks, wheels and bearings. Grip tape is always recommended for this type of deck to ensure the best stance. Most riders will need a bit of training to implement major changes but it is nothing that the team at Nordboards can't handle.

Wood choices such as maple make up the strong base for these durable models. Their added resilience is as important for riders as they learn new tricks or assess new areas. Having a degree of protection and safety from losing their prized possession makes it easier to enjoy the journey. Less give in the overall design will also create a better pintail longboard for navigating long distance travel.

It is all about cruising when it comes to this stylish unit. Step up and just enjoy the ride as the customer glide across sidewalks and parks. The surfboard like form makes it the perfect choice for days coasting near the beach or nights at a favorite hangout. Think about pairing with a Kahuna Stick for even more cruising options.

Nordboards is the skate authority. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff is always on hand for pros as well as first time riders. Check us out today and see how we are making customers “flip” for our products.

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