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Pintail Longboard Decks

Pintail Longboard Decks
Get the Custom Pintail Longboard Deck you've always wanted from NordBoards.com - Please check our homepage for any specials or current sales.

Pin tail longboards are the most popular style of directional longboards, and for good reason. They are one of the easiest longboards to maneuver and turn, and they are simple enough for beginners to use. Since the pintail is such a popular style for longboards, there are many different choices to make when you are looking for this style of deck.

At Boards on Nord, we offer a larger variety of pintail longboard decks so that you can find the perfect board for your current skill level and riding style. Pin tail longboards make great gifts for any boarding enthusiasts in your life, as they are great all around boards.

We offer pintail longboard decks from many different brands with great reputations. From Arbor, we have the Arbor Timeless Pin and Arbor Fish. From Landyachtz, we have the fiberglass and bamboo versions of their famous Pinner. From Sector 9 we carry the Bert Pintail and Sector 9 Ledger. We also offer Never Summerís popular Defender.

These are just a handful of the great decks that we offer in the pintail style, so take a look at the others below. We offer bamboo decks if you are looking for a lightweight option that is also quite flexible. You will not get a deck much more flexible than our bamboo choices. We also offer more traditional maple and walnut decks, if you are looking for a sturdier ride, as well as fiberglass decks, such as the fiberglass Totem by Landyachtz.

You can choose from almost any color or design you want, so that your board will reflect your personality as well as your riding style. Once you have your deck, take a look at our great selection of longboard trucks to complete your new pin tail longboard. So go ahead and take a look through our great selection of pintail longboard decks. We know you will find something that will improve your longboarding experience.

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