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NordiK Longboard Wheels

NordiK Longboard Wheels are for the rider wanting a good quality American Made longboard wheel for an affordable price. We strive on keeping the prices as low as possible to help keep you doing what you love without paying too much to do it. We all know how fast you can run through a set of longboard wheels, so keep it real and ride NordiK Wheels.

Does your longboard need a new wheelset? High-quality NordiK longboard wheels are critical if you want to improve the performance of your skateboard. A quality pack for less doesn't have to be elusive either. If fact, you can choose from a wide selection of NordiK's white longboard wheels right here at Boards on Nord. As an industry leader, NordiK strives to provide skaters a high-quality item for less so you can maintain your speed, improve your surface grip and perform harder on your board.

NordiK's white longboard wheels are ideal for achieving a perfect freeride. It's also not uncommon to encounter a variety of different conditions and surface issues. That's why your wheel's wear and tear is one of the most important factors to consider while freeride skating. Fortunately, many of NordiK's freeride packs feature a special surface technology that lets you know when wear and tear are affecting your board. Their sturdy center design also keeps you firm to the ground to improve your ability to do quick slides and tricks efficiently.

If you want to focus more on your downhill skate performance, there's a high-quality selection of white longboard wheels that address specific downhill needs like speed, control, and surface grip. NordiK's Titan series, for example, has a new and improved contact patch to enable better surface grip where you need it most. They feature a strong offset core design to improve your board's traction, plus they're also designed with a wide diameter to retain a high top speed while you skate.

The right longboard wheel pack can do a world of difference for your skateboarding. Donít compromise your safety or performance with an old, outdated wheelset. With the white longboard wheels selection from Boards on Nord, you can start to improve your freeride and downhill capabilities today at a great price. Enjoy durable urethane construction, innovative surface wear technology and improved core setting design without breaking the bank.

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