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Longboard Trucks

Longboard trucks are the part that is critical for steering and control on your longboard. Longboard trucks are generally a reverse kingpin style truck, which means the kingpin is reversed as opposed to a standard skateboard truck. Some top brands of longboard trucks are gullwing trucks, caliber trucks, paris trucks, and bear grizzly trucks.

Gullwing is mostly known for the famous gullwing "sidewinder" trucks which is a double kingpin truck that allows for super tight turning radius and carving.

Looking for a good downhill style longboard truck then check out the 44-degree caliber II trucks. The lower angle kingpin keeps your board steady at higher speeds along with the right state of mind.

Cruising style trucks are generally a 50-degree reverse kingpin truck. 50-degree longboard trucks allow for tighter carves and a super smooth ride. Check out the paris 180mm 50degree trucks for a great cruiser style longboard truck.

For a long time, trucks were overlooked in favor of a focus on fancy decks, but lately, the top brands have been creating exceptional trucks that help your board last longer and perform better. These trucks for longboards also help increase personal safety, which is always important for skateboarders. Caliber, in particular, has come up with some amazing longboard trucks lately, including the top-selling Caliber II Satin Series. You can order these high-performing trucks in a variety of colors from Boards on Nord without the hassle of looking for them at a retail location.

Before you pick out your longboard trucks, be sure you know all of the information you need on your board deck. You need to know your board’s truck hanger width, your board’s truck baseplate angle, and the lean of your deck. Knowing these measurements will help you pick out the perfect trucks for your new longboard.

Once you know the basics, you can have fun picking out the color and look you want. You can also simply choose to go with your favorite brand or with the brand of your deck.

No matter what you are looking for, we know you will find what you need for your new longboard at Boards on Nord. Once you’ve found your longboard trucks, be sure to check out our great selection of wheels and other accessories. With our huge selection of decks, longboard trucks and wheels, and other items, you will be performing tricks on your dream board in no time.

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