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Longboard Decks

Longboard decks are the wood piece on a long board. Longboard decks come in various shapes and sizes for all styles of riding. Downhill decks, freeride decks, blank decks, drop through decks, drop down decks, and bamboo long board decks are all great choices.

We have all of your favorite brands including Ladyachtz, Arbor, Loaded, Sector 9, Never Summer and more, all in one convenient place. We have longboard decks in every style imaginable. Need a fluid balance when carving? You should go with one of our pintail decks. Want a classic look? You should try a blunt style deck.

Need something small enough to fit in your bag for quick trips? A mini cruiser deck could be right for you. A cutout may be a great choice if your main concern is wheel clearance. Need a deck that will take you long distances with minimal effort? Then try a dropdown design. And obviously, if youíre looking for speed, youíll want to grab one of our speedboard decks.

Choosing your longboard deck allows you to stylize your board according to your priorities. So whether you are looking for speed, balance or fluidity, we have the right deck for you. We also have bamboo decks and a nice selection of decks for mini boards.

Pick out the perfect deck for your style, and then make sure you get it in a color and design that represents your personality and interests. You can order a variety of stickers, wheels, and other items from Boards on Nord that will allow you to customize your board and make it uniquely yours.

So donít wait any longer to optimize your longboarding experience. Browse through our huge selection of longboard decks today and find the perfect deck to optimize your performance.

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