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Longboard Wheels

Longboard Wheels
Longboard Wheels - Depending on your style of riding the wheels may be the thing you tend to repurchase most often. If you do high speed free riding or downhill racing you will run through wheels extremely fast. However if you just need some cruiser longboard wheels for your longboard they will last you years with correct care and maintenance. One thing to remember in longboard wheel maintenance is to check your bearings spin. Basically make sure you don't have a bad bearing and take the board out for a ride as it will create tons of friction in turn creating massive heat. The heat will melt the core of your wheel causing you to need new bearings and wheels because you didn't keep your bearings clean. You're welcome, I love you too.

We offer great prices on your favorite brands, including NordiK, Sector 9, Landyachtz, Gravity, and more. If youíre looking for especially fantastic deals, check out our sales page. Be sure to look at it frequently, as weíre always putting new items on sale.

If you really want to be creative in designing your own signature board, we offer customizable, blank longboard wheels. Order a set and today and start creating your longboarding style. The two practical things you want to keep in mind while picking out new wheels for your board is the size of the wheels (or their diameter) and the level of hardness.

Why are these things so important? Well, choosing a color you donít like may annoy you, but it wonít affect your ride. But if you choose the wrong wheels, you may very well end up with a board that is not performing at its optimal level. For diameter, you want to go with larger wheels for longer decks, and smaller wheels for shorter decks. Put a large set of wheels on a small deck, and your board may not even work at all because the wheels will likely rub against the deck.

What about wheel hardness? Assuming you want a smooth and even ride, consider your weight. The heavier a rider is, the harder the longboarding wheels should be.

No matter what kind of longboard wheels you need, Boards on Nord has the right product for you. We offer one of the biggest selections of longboarding gear in the world, so itís hard not to find what youíre looking for. Browse our selection today and order the wheels you need to be on your way to a better longboarding experience.

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