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Longboard Wheels on Sale

Wheels on Sale
Need some new thane and on a budget? Check out Boards on Nord's selection of longboard wheels for sale & get a great deal! Some of our top longboarding wheels come with free bearings!

Longboarding wheels need to be durable, quick and reactive to handle multiple surfaces and obstacles. That's why it's critical to choose a skateboard wheel pack that has the features you need to do the tricks you want. Fortunately, you can choose from a wide selection of longboard wheels for sale right here at Boards on Nord. With trusted brands like NordiK, Sector 9 and Landyachtz, you can find exactly what you need to improve your board's performance.

Are you looking to improve your downhill skate? It's important to ensure that your wheel grips the surface and lets you be in control. NordiK sets, for example, are made from a soft, high-quality urethane material that helps you handle quick turns and fast downhill slides with ease. Their popular Titan series also has a large 75mm diameter to preserve your top speed while you smoothly ride over pavement bumps and cracks.

To improve your board's freeride capabilities, check out the specialized design from Landyachtz and NordiK's own Freeride series. Featuring quality contact patch technology and rounded lip design, these longboard wheels for sale are ideal for cruising around open areas. Freeride sets have a special center-wheel design that applies wear and stress evenly on the surface while keeping you stable on the ground.

Whether you're competing in the X-Games or just skating with friends, it's critical to have a high-quality pack for your board. To make sure you're always competition-ready, check out the discounted selection from Sector 9. Their special Race Formula series comes complete with a wide-set contact patch design and square lip to improve your board's surface grip and handle more extreme surface obstacles like the slalom.

You can improve your skate performance with a simple upgrade. Don't let your outdated longboarding wheels throw you off track. Check out the wide selection of longboard wheels for sale to improve your downhill, freeride and extreme skate capabilities today.

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