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Loaded Longboards


Flexible selections like the Vanguard deck are a great example of what can be found among loaded longboards. Its design is constructed to be a beginner's best friend with details such as a slower max speed of just 25 mph.

The movement in the model's design offers more comfort and is a great choice for simple tricks such as aerials. Riders are always encouraged to stay among the deck's recommended speed due to this lack of firmness.

Drop through models are also prominently featured throughout the collection of loaded longboards. Decks like the Dervish Sama or Tan Tien epitomize the straight forward construction. Their designs are made to provide better movement at higher speeds while still being viable choices when it comes to standard tricks.

Form and design are integral to everything the company does. The right placement of elements, such as the concave shape of the Dervish Sama, or the central flex of the Fattail, is important to the overall form. Prominent designers at the company take great pride in bringing the best shape for any goal. Riders looking to performs tricks with loaded longboards may be more interested in their models that feature a full kick tail that is carefully curved for the most success.

The graphics of each loaded longboards deck is as close to any art work as you will see in modern museums. These intricately detailed images emphasize muted tones that provide the perfect background to each wooden deck. A simplistic approach almost emphasizes a natural tone that works with even the most modern setting.

Look no further than Nordboards when searching for the right deck. Our skilled team of professionals knows how to find the best choices that match any customer. Contact us today to see how we are giving riders the gear they crave at the value they deserve.

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