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Skateboard Helmets

The tricks, the jumps, the ramps – a rider’s life is full of excitement and adrenaline. Sometimes safety may seem like a hassle, but overlooking the gear necessary to take on a challenging trick can lead to injury. Most skateboarding helmets feature top of the line technology to provide the best protection possible while still keeping it cool with styles to suit any taste.

Industrial Skateboard Helmet Flat Kelly Green
Industrial Skateboard Helmet Flat Kelly Green
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Sale price: $25.00

Only the strongest materials are considered when manufacturing these vital pieces of safety gear. Plastics are the best selection, with many tested to withstand pressure well above anything a rider would ever face. The recent addition of carbon fiber offers a lightweight choice, which enhances the design and ensures faster speeds during rapid runs. This new material is often combined with fiberglass, but can stand its own when combined with standard plastics.

Every selection has its particular function, so riders must carefully consider what their main activities will be before purchasing a new model. A standard choice among skateboarding helmets is the traditional model; its design features a small amount of interior foam, as well as a form that stops just above the ears. This choice is great for day to day use, but may not be enough for events such as downhill runs.

Comfort is always a concern for riders and is often cited among reasons not to wear skateboard helmets. That is why it’s so important to find the best fit and padding style. Not every size is right, and each model should be fitted to correspond with an individual's head size. Padding should be adequate, but not pressing tightly against the forehead and upper neck. Air vents are also placed on the majority of designs, to prevent sweating and heat from damaging the form and fit.

Companies are finding more ways to personalize skateboard & longboard helmets. From adding stickers to buying a selection with an existing graphic design, there is something for every rider. Colors are also branching out from the standard black and gray designs to include hues and shades to match every deck.

Boards on Nord realizes how important it is to find the right safety gear. Years of experience help us give each customer the best advice on their purchase, whether they’re picking up safety gear, accessories, or a whole new deck. Visit us today and experience our dedication to excellence, with a hassle-free, enjoyable online shopping experience.

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