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Gullwing Trucks

Are you a serious longboarder looking for the perfect trucks for your new deck? Want an array of high quality pieces to choose from? Looking for products that work with your carving style instead of against it? Gullwing Trucks may be the perfect brand for your needs.

Gullwing Trucks are the result of experience. For over 35 years, the company has been providing reliable and high quality trucks for everyone, from beginning skateboarders, to experts. The company prides itself on being inventive and innovative, always staying one step ahead of the market to find the newest way to improve their trucks.

Gullwing trucks have something for everyone. The Missions and Alpines are a great choice for skateboarders who spend most of their skating time cruising the streets. Gullwing longboard trucks are simple, reliable, and made from high quality materials. They are available in a variety of colors.

If you’re an advanced rider who is looking for something new and fresh, the Stalkers may be the right choice for you. These pieces have a patented vibration dampening system that gives you a quiet ride that is also smooth. If you want a fast, sleek and quiet ride, the Stalkers are the perfect choice.

If you’re a carve-oriented skater, a set of Chargers may be right for you. These are designed for easy carving and downhill turns. They have a reverse kingpin design with an updated pivot designed to make freeriding and carving easy. The Sidewinders are a favorite among many longboarders for a reason. They have a double kingpin design for smooth and easy carving. The sleek design and customized base plate are elegant, but what is really elegant is the smooth ride these trucks create. The Sidewinders are a classic because they are a great, durable, all-around option.

Once you’ve found the perfect longboard deck, grab a pair of Gullwing trucks to complete your new longboard. Gullwing longboard trucks offer such a wide range of designs and colors that it is easy to find a set that will fit your personal style and improve your longboarding skills.

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