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Freeride Longboard Wheels

Freeride Wheels
Freeride Longboard Wheels at exactly that, wheels meant for freeriding. A freeride longboard wheel has rounded edges that allow it to break free of the surface in contact. Freeride wheels are great for sliding. A common feature of a freeride wheel is stone ground finish which helps the wheel feel prebroken in from the first ride. Freeride wheels can be either offset like orangatang stimulus or abec 11 freeride wheels in which the core is set to the inside of the wheel slightly which gives you a wider base. Another common feature of freeride wheels are centerset wheels. Centerset longboard wheels are great because you can rotate them to get even wear and they will last that much longer. Some great optins for center set freeride wheels would be the NordiK freerides or abec 11 centerset freeride 72mm wheels.

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