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Drop-Through Longboards 

It is all about speed and stability when it comes to drop-through longboards. Every day, riders from around the world choose this exciting style of deck to take on journeys. Its title comes from the unique wheel structure that maximizes control during even the highest speeds.

Bearings as well as wheels play a prominent role in every piece of gear from this category. Slits in the both ends allow portions of the trucks to be higher than normal placement. This drop in the overall height gives everyone a smoother but intensely faster experience that adrenaline fans will crave over and over again. Changing placement of the truck also gives riders a more stable ride free from excessive drops.

Maple and bamboo are popular materials for this these models. The wood is strong enough for constant use but is more valued for its strength under pressure. Riders looking to add tricks to their drop through longboard repertoire can rely on this durable option to withstand the regular practice and inevitable falls.

A lightweight design is found in certain models that are made exclusively for tricks. This feature brings a higher level of flexibility that is perfect for flips or aerials. Always check the drop-through longboard thoroughly to understand its level of movement and give before going forward with an practice sessions. Gauging that issue beforehand will help riders gain the best information about their gear's strengths.

Some drop through longboard models include springs or additional suspension to handle the bumps that come with fast courses. Most riders regularly change or adjust those settings to ensure that the maximum level of safety is maintained at all times. Removing the suspension altogether is never recommended but some riders have been known to do this for more of a thrill before attempting downhill or faster courses.

Everyone at Nordboards understands how important the right deck can be to riders. That is why we are always on hand to answer questions while helping customers find their perfect gear. Check us out today and see how we do everything to make the experience a rider's dream come true.

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