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Caliber Trucks

Caliber Longboard Trucks 50 degree and 44 degree for all riding styles; freeride, downhill, racing and sliding....

Caliber trucks are designed to meet the needs of long time riders, as well as novices to the sport. The company works with a team of professional skateboarders to create and construct pieces that will provide years of fun. Each truck has its own story, but the quality as well as an attention to detail is what has passionate riders coming back for more.

Precision is at the heart of every Caliber trucks design. Surfaces are given additional amounts of reinforcement to ensure they last after repeated runs while also providing a great placement for grinds. Other models take the same area to a new level with added space for better locks while doing the same tricks. Strength is one of the most crucial detail of the line.

Each choice in the Caliber trucks collection features durable materials that are made to stand up to anything a rider can throw at it. One of their most popular choices is virgin aluminum. It is great for the demands of constant wear and tear from even the most dedicated skateboarders.

The company is always looking to bring improvements to current technology. Their bushing seat is made to bring a higher level of attention and recovery to each movement while pivots are given tighter adjustments among Caliber trucks. A highlight may be the changing diameter of kingpin holes. Each one is now in line with the best measurements for precision clearances that are required for downhill runs as well as trick sessions.

Color is always a factor in a rider's decision because the style says as much as the features. Our Caliber longboard trucks include a wide range of colors that are available to complement any design. Each selection is blended to keep colors looking vibrant while avoiding fading. For pure perfection, the untouched metallic surface works well with any deck and showcases a look that any rider can appreciate.

The team at Nordboards knows how important every piece of equipment is to getting the best runs. Our experts are always available to answer questions or provide suggestions about gear. Contacts us today to see how our commitment to riders comes through everything that we do.

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