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Skateboard Bushings

When it comes to assembling the perfect ride, each and every element should be considered. From the largest trucks to the smallest wheels, putting together the right combination will help even the newest amateurs reach their goals.

Skateboard bushings are just one of these all important components, but donít let their size fool you Ė they can make a big difference to the quality and control of your ride. With so many choices on the market, riders are sure to find one set to fit all of their needs.

Even the most professional riders may not fully understand the impact or uses for skateboard bushings. These small additions are placed at the heart of the truck, one on the top, and one on the bottom. Longer widths benefit especially from their presence, but they should be included on every model. Their function is to keep the truck perfectly centered and stable, no matter the conditions.

Riders have several shapes and designs to choose from when it comes to selecting skateboard bushings. Keep in mind that some versions may be sold in larger packs, or in bulk, though only four skateboard bushings will be used at any time. The most popular skateboard truck bushings are the traditional cone shape, but other additions include cylindrical shapes, as well as the full hourglass design. It is important to know how the deck will be used while making a selection - for example, longer widths or downhill racing require the thicker base of barrel models. A wide range of colors is also available, to complement even the most complex deck graphics.

Choosing the best material is also important, and most companies have found that modern plastics make for the best in flexibility and support. Plastics are durable enough for everyday wear and tear, but still versatile enough to give the truck adequate movement. Proper maintenance means an even longer life for these sturdy pieces. This includes at least once a day inspections, as well as gentle cleaning of any dirt or debris that may have become lodged near the truck.

Riders know they need the right gear to keep their decks running at a perfect pace. At Boards on Nord, we carry a full selection of all the top brands, with a team of professionals who know our products inside out. Contact us today and learn how easy it is to get the best equipment at a great price.

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