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Blank Longboard Decks

Blank longboard decks have always been difficult to find. While many longboarders may like the idea of having a deck that they can customize to suit their tastes, they may fear buying one without a big name brand behind it. It is harder to control the quality of decks without major brand names, so many skaters never take a chance on getting a blank deck.

At Boards on Nord, we’ve solved this problem by offering only the highest quality blank longboard decks. When you buy one of these , you know you are getting a product that is carefully crafted and reliable. There are no poorly made pieces here. These decks are a great choice for the artistic longboarder with an individualistic streak. After all, you could take one of these decks and make it look however you want with paint, stickers etc.

We offer many different styles of blank longboard decks. If you want a deck that gives you an easy and smooth ride while you cruise along the streets, a pintail shape is probably the right choice for you. If you’ve got your mind set on learning new tricks, you may want to go with one of our freestyle versions. If you plan on taking a lot of hills with your new board, you should choose one of our drop through pieces.

We also offer different materials to suit your needs. If you want a light and fast ride with maximum flex, go with one of our bamboo decks. Once you’ve chosen the perfect deck, you get to have some fun. You can pick out a great set of longboard trucks and get your new board moving. Then you can customize it by adding paint, stickers, or whatever else strikes your fancy. When you’re finished, you will have an amazing longboard that reflects your own personal style.

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