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Longboard Bearings
Longboard Bearings and Skateboard bearings the breakdown.

So basically there are a few bearings that set themselves apart from the rest. The first the comes to mind are Bones Reds. Exactly! The 2nd one are the NordiK Supersonics. What? The supersonic bearings for longboards and skateboards were designed to keep everything aligned to create maximum roll speed, reduce wear, and also uses the highest grade steel with a super secret sauce coating that resists rust better than any bearing on the market, Guaranteed! And 3rd to end off the list would have to be Bones Super Swiss 6 bearings. Although more pricey than the others they have great consistent smooth roll and the longevity is great. Bones bearings were all that even mattered until the NordiK Supersonic came out and joined the elite group of Bones bearings.

Longboard Bearings and Skateboard bearings. Yes, they are the SAME! Longboard bearings and skateboard bearings are universal 8mm standard skateboard and longboard sized bearings. We have abec 5, abec 7, abec 9, built-in spacers bearings, and ceramic bearings for all your skateboard and longboard needs.

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