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Bamboo Longboard Decks

Bamboo Longboard Decks
Bamboo longboard decks are extremely popular right now, and for good reason. Bamboo is lighter and more flexible than other, heavier materials used to craft traditional longboards. Because of this, Bamboo longboard skateboards are a great choice for any longboarder who wants a board that is fast, easy to maneuver, light, and flexible.

If you’re ready to get in on the bamboo trend, you need to check out our wide selection of bamboo longboard decks. We have these decks in many different shapes, styles, designs and colors. Our selection of bamboo crafted pieces includes many of the top brands in the industry, including Sector 9, Arbor, and Landyachtz.

Each of these brands has their own unique spin on the bamboo trend, and each brand offers something unique. Sector 9 offers a nice selection of bamboo crafted decks, including the stunning Reveira Beta Fish deck, a great choice for anyone wanting to practice new tricks. If you just want part of your board to be bamboo, Arbor Longboards offers some great top layer bamboo boards. The up and coming Load Longboards brand offers some wonderful vertically laminated bamboo boards.

Bamboo longboard skateboards offer you the maximum amount of flex and are easy to maneuver. The most popular bamboo option from Loaded Longboards is the Loaded Dervish board, which is an amazing board for advanced tricks because of its light weight and ease of movement.

We also offer bamboo longboard decks in many different shapes to suit your carving style. If you want a deck that offers you a smooth and easy cruise along the streets, grab a bamboo pintail shaped deck. Our bamboo freestyle decks are amazing for mastering new tricks, and our bamboo drop thru decks are great for rides down steep hills.So what are you waiting for? Order your new bamboo longboard deck today.

Once you’ve enjoyed the lightness and maneuverability of one of our bamboo longboard decks, you won’t want to go back to a traditional deck again.

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