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Arbor Longboards

Arbor Longboards and skateboards were originally designed and manufactured in sunny San Diego california right along side with sector 9 longboards. Recently picked up by a new distribution company out of southern california. When buying Arbor Longboards you will get the highest quality with an AMERICAN made product. Some of the top selling arbor longboards are the Axis Walnut which is a symmetrical drop through shape great for freeride, cruising, carving, and even some light hill bombing. They have classic pintail longboards such as the arbor koa fish, and arbor timeless bamboo pintail and koa pintail. One thing is for sure Arbor delivers a high quality product that is affordable.

Arbor Fish Bamboo 37 Longboard Complete
Arbor Fish Bamboo 37 Longboard Complete
Regular price: $199.00
Sale price: $179.00
Arbor Fish Artist 37 Longboard Complete
Arbor Fish Artist 37 Longboard Complete
Regular price: $159.95
Sale price: $120.00
Arbor Solstice Fish 37 Longboard Complete
Arbor Solstice Fish 37 Longboard Complete
Regular price: $189.00
Sale price: $169.00

Arbor Skateboards :: Welcome to Arbor - Axel Serrat from Arbor Collective on Vimeo.

Arbor longboards and arbor skateboards are known for their attention to detail as well as a higher standard of quality. Founded in the mid-90s, this company has quickly established decades of great reviews plus a growing base of loyal customers that prefer their brand over all others.

Riders can depend on their relentless search for only the best materials, graphics, and designs. Handmade construction is at the forefront of every model in the line of Arbor skateboards and Arbor longboards. Craftsmen work with each chosen piece of wood to create the perfect shape for any activity. Speed enthusiasts will find something to love with the elongated shapes while fans of hard to accomplish tricks will crave the standard forms.

Eco-friendly riders will find a lot to appreciate about these decks. The company never fails to sacrifice strength as well as durability for their principles. Maple and bamboo are favored over other possible choices for Arbor skateboards. These woods are reclaimed from other produced selections or brought in from what the company calls “sustainable sources of supply.” Sealers in the deck's production also feature water-based products that are safer for human contact.

Artists from around the world are brought in to create the graphics and designs that adorn every piece of gear. From the dark and haunting images of the GT Collection to the intricately copied photos in the Photo Collections, there is something to like about these artistically pleasing forms. Arbor longboards also carry a fun bottle theme on selection such as drop through models.

Every part of the production process is carefully inspected to ensure riders are getting what they paid for in a piece of equipment. Their attention to producing only the best has led them to even become involved in the manufacturing and creating quality components that can be purchased separately or included with a fully loaded model.

Nordboards understands how choosing the right deck can change the life any rider. That is why our team members are always on hand to offer advice or help out when you have a few a questions. Contact us today to see how we help riders find the gear of their dreams.

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