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Z-Flex Skateboards

Longboards are at the heart of long distance rides. Our versatile line of Z-Flex skateboards is made with an adaptability and style that anyone can appreciate. With decades of experience in the field, these design pros know what a rider is looking for, and they have brought those touches to every Z-Flex longboard model.

The history of this company is one of the main components to their success. In the mid-1970s, the Zephyr Surf Shop began production of their fully equipped decks. Their design soon became popular among surfers looking for a way to experience the feeling of surfing on land. Years later, Kent Sherwood left the Zephyr team and founded a company that would go on to change their name. That lineage is still present today, in connections and endorsements from some of the top names in the sport.

With this prominent producer, it is all about bringing new technology and developments to the elements of design. The company looked past previous conventions, such as clay wheels, and began developing wheels with a smoother ride. This design adjustment required finding state-of-the-art materials that could provide riders with the best possible traction. The current range of Z Flex skateboards represents those developments, with top of the line wheels that can take on any challenge.

From standard decks to new cruiser designs, Z Flex skateboards has options to cover any experience. Traditional wood construction combines with modern materials to produce long decks that provide the smoothest rides. Even rough terrain is no match for these durable decks. Any rider looking for a fun cruise through the city can appreciate the stylish but functional powder coated wheel that accompanies many Z-Flex board models.

Graphics and color schemes are often chosen to reflect the original Zephyr styling. That means bright as well as bold tones that accompanied many early Z Flex skateboards. Graphics are kept to a minimum but focus on geometric shapes instead of outlandish artwork.

The team at Boards on Nord knows what it takes to be the best. Our trained professionals work hard to make sure each rider has the right gear, at prices they can afford. Check us out today, and see why unrivaled customer service helps us stand out from the rest.

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