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Sector 9 Longboards

Sector 9
Dang Homies! Its 2016 and sector 9 longboards just got purchased by bravo sports. The last decade has flown by and weve seen lots of new innovation and product developement from Homie Louie P and friends at the media skate house. Some top longboards from Sector 9 in the current age are asymmetrically drop through boards like the meridian and dropper longboards both made in america. Bamboo longboards are a big part of sector 9's success with shapes like the lookout and mini lookout boards and also the Puerto pintail bamboolong board. You want a good downhill setup check out the arrow or gauntlet models or even the top mount jacko deck. Sector 9 makes the longboard you need.

Sector Nine longboards & skateboards are made in beautiful San Diego, California. Sector Nine has been creating high quality, performance styled longboards since the early 90's. We have the best selections on the web for sector nine longboards and the widest variety of choices to choose from. Sector 9 boards has several styles of longboards, from cruiser to carvers, and bamboo longboards to downhill boards. Sector Nine longboards are some of the best on the market and we make it easy for you to customize your longboard for a great low price!

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