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Rayne Longboard Completes 

Rayne Longboards are based in Vancouver Canada. In the back yard of Landyachtz Longboards. Two Premium brands in the Longboard Industry doing it right. I'm thinking Vancouver trip soon. Get those Rayne Longboard connections to start my own longboard brand yo. Check our home page for specials and coupon codes.

The industry standard has been set several times by the minds behind Rayne longboards. An eye for creative graphics that take the deck from just being another piece of gear to an artwork in its own right is at the forefront of their priorities. Their attention goes even farther, to creating functional choices that will work with even the most dedicated riders.

Shapes are carefully crafted to ensure each journey is the best one yet. Directional shapes make it easier for riders to gain their highest speeds on any model in the Rayne longboards collection, while twin shapes works better for riders who prefer a switch style. Either choice is good for the demands of standard long distance rides or cruising along a sidewalk.

When it comes to flex styles, Rayne longboards are leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. The Elasta flex style makes it easier to glide as if on the waves of the perfect ocean curl, while the firm flex is tightened for tricks. Choosing the speed stiff feature on our Rayne boards means a rider is looking for maximum stability at the highest rates of speed.

Having control of the board is always important and the company knows just how to handle some of the most difficult issues. Their pleasure dome feature gives riders more input on their turns and movement through curves while traveling on Rayne longboards. 4D cups as well as 3D wheel wells are uniquely addressing wheel wells. Both help keep feet in place while maintaining stability. Drops are placed along the base to keep every rider in place. These specialty drops with names like sharp edges and three stage rocker are specially designed to meet the needs of riders as they undertake a range of tricks.

Riders looking for a free experience that still keeps a tight hold will love the linear drop feature. The team at Nordboards wants riders to find their perfect fit. That is why they are always standing by to answer questions or offer their own suggestions. Contact us today and let our professionals show you how great it can be to find the right Rayne boards at a great price.

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