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Original PK Apex Longboard Nose Guards - White

Original PK Apex Longboard Nose Guards - White
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Product Description

Original PK Apex Longboard Nose Guards

More pop than pop tarts!
PK noseguards add pop, board feel and all around freestyle performance to your Apex 34, Apex 37 or Apex 40. By increasing the kick-angle of your tail your boardnose will come up faster for more height and greater control over your tricks. PK's also make the tail of your board slap down sooner, this further amplifies your ollie / trick height and makes sure your board comes up flat; ready to stomp your landing in complete control.

We feel the PK noseguards add enough pop and performance to define the Apex, both as a board and as a series. That said, they also make the Apex nose and tail nearly impervious to all of the dangers a double kick board (maple, bamboo, composite, whatever) normally faces; razortail, impact delam, core splintering / degradation and loss of pop (due to the previous issues). While the platform of the Apex has long been one of the most durable in the industry, PK's take the nose and tail up to that same level making the Apex series one of the most durable longboards of all time.

Installation Install Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0VlM_pwjAbw

PK's are a press fit composite noseguard that work with all carbon Apexes. PK's work best with brand new, out of the box, Apexes but can be applied to boards that have sustained nose or tail damage with additional effort.

All PK's will last the longest when mounted using hardware, drilling your apex and using hardware also increases the life of your board. Apexes with nose or tail wear should always be mounted using hardware.

Installing PK Nose Guards will Requires powertools and Adult supervision!

*PK Nose Guards come with the hardware that is required to attach them to your longboard.

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