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Penny Nickel Skateboards

Custom Penny Nickel 27" Plastic Skateboard
Custom Penny Nickel 27" Plastic SkateboardCustom Penny Nickel 27" Plastic SkateboardCustom Penny Nickel 27" Plastic Skateboard
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Product Description

Custom Penny Nickel 27" Skateboard

DECK - 27” x 7.5“ TRUCKS - 4” wide high performance branded Penny Trucks with 87A super soft yellow bushings WHEELS - 59mm 78A urethane cored super smooth Penny wheel BEARINGS - Abec 3 high speed precision stainless steel bearings HARDWARE - Allen key high tensile

Penny Nickel Skateboards are built with the highest quality raw materials and fanatical attention to detail. They are long lasting and ultra fun plastic skateboards. Penny boards are designed and built to look good, perform well, and exceed all your expectations. Penny Skateboards, since forever.

If you’re looking for a durable and stylish item with a hint of throwback nostalgia, then one of our Penny Nickel skateboard options may be just what you’re looking for. These items harken back to the old days of riding in the 60s and 70s when plastic decks dominated the scene. After plastic decks fell out of fashion with the rise of the popularity of bamboo and maple options, it seemed like they would never really come back. However, lately, they have been making a huge comeback thanks to riders who want a more stable and lightweight option that is easy to transport and great for riders of all skill levels. Penny Nickel boards have been a large player in the comeback of plastic decks because their brand’s high-quality options make riders everywhere realize the benefits of a plastic deck.

If you want to get in on this trend and experience Penny Nickel Boards for yourself, then you’ve come to the right place. We offer 27” Nickel boards that are easier than ever to customize. You can choose from many colors for your new deck, including black, purple, orange, red, Cyan, white, pink, green and yellow. We also offer a nice variety of trucks, bearings, and wheels to add to your new item. With so many options, it is easy for you to create a Nickel board that has all of the durability and strength of the line and also express your unique style.

These Nickel boards are perfect if you need a simple option to help you commute to a job or across campus. They are also great for younger beginners, who need a durable option to practice with without worrying about breaking it. They are great for anyone who is looking for more stability and durability. These items can take anything you throw at them in a way that maple and bamboo decks cannot.

So pick a color, decide on what wheels, trucks, and bearings are best for you and grab a new Penny Nickel skateboard. We know you’ll enjoy expressing your sense of style with this easy-to-use and reliable deck.

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