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Fun, as well as inexpensive choices, is at the heart of Penny skateboards and Penny longboards. Their designs are uniquely made to work along the sidewalks of any city as much as they are welcome among beachfront locales of California.

Custom Penny 22" Plastic Skateboard
Custom Penny 22" Plastic Skateboard
Regular price: $109.95
Sale price: $99.99
Custom Penny Nickel 27" Plastic Skateboard
Custom Penny Nickel 27" Plastic Skateboard
Regular price: $119.95
Sale price: $109.99
Penny 22" Green/Orange/Yellow Mini Longboard Complete
Penny 22" Green/Orange/Yellow Mini Longboard Complete
Regular price: $99.95
Sale price: $89.95

With a vibrant array of colors and styles on hand, it is not hard to see why even non-riders love this brand. Penny founder Ben Mackay has carried a lifelong dedication to skateboarding, so it is no surprise he revisited the plastic decks of his youth when starting production on Penny skateboards. His experience with their unrivaled durability was a key component in bringing back their unconventional style.

Plastic is the major selling point of these decks. They can be dropped, bashed and generally smashed but keep coming back for more. Nothing is too difficult for sturdy Penny boards that are perfectly crafted for day to day life in the most hectic situations. Never worry about that trick again, this deck can take it.

Bright colors and styles stand out among every deck. Their designs are the highlight for even first time riders who have avoided the sport. Anyone can find something to love about the vivid neon colors that replicate common themes of the 1980s. The added grid shape on the top of various models complements the design. Its texture makes it easy to maintain grip while staying in control of the deck.

The availability of smaller or mini decks helps the company remain one of the freshest companies in the world. These fun pieces of equipment are perfect for those riders who are on the go but have little storage when they arrive at various locations. Penny longboards are also fun for quick tricks that will leave everyone guessing what else you can do on a standard selections.

Everyone at Nordboards knows riders want only the best choices at prices they can afford. That is why our team members work with customers to select great styles of Penny boards for sale that perfectly complement their own goals. Contact us today to see how our never ending dedication to customer satisfaction is always on display.

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