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Orangatang Moronga 72.5mm Yellow 86a Wheels (Set of 4)

Orangatang Moronga 72.5mm Yellow 86a Wheels (Set of 4)
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Product Description

Orangatang Moronga 72.5mm Yellow 86a Wheels


Diameter: 72.5 mm Contact patch: 35 mm Width: 44 mm Durometers: 86a Bearing seat: centerset


The Moronga features a centerset bearing seat and a symmetrical shape to allow for complete flexibility in flipping and rotating your wheels to promote even wear. A narrow 35mm contact patch balances the wheelís long sliding potential with a crisp and definitive hookup.

Using the same large and lightweight core as the Balut, the Moronga has been designed with a radically different lip profile. As opposed to a soft, radiused cross section, the Moronga sports a thick, linear, and very slightly acute lip that blends down into the bearing seat after it reaches the outer diameter of the core. This guarantees a proportionally consistent lip shape throughout the life of the wheel that slides predictably and provides a reliable level of traction. Additionally, the stiff and beefy lips partner with the wide core to minimize deformation and ensure smooth, quiet slides and excellent wear characteristics.

Encapsulating the entire core in urethane does add a bit of weight. The tradeoff, however, is a more firmly supported lip and increased vibration damping for a plusher ride and smoother, quieter drift.

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