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Original Hybrid 35 Longboard Complete

Original Hybrid 35 Longboard Complete
Original Hybrid 35 Longboard CompleteOriginal Hybrid 35 Longboard CompleteOriginal Hybrid 35 Longboard Complete
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Product Description

Original Hybrid 35 Longboard Complete

This isn't your normal skateboard and it won't ollie like one. This longboard packs a powerful punch not previously seen in surf simulation: a legitimate aerial presence that allows you to practice everything that leads into, and out of, a surfing air. Remember kid, in surfing, airs don't count in the water unless you ride away. Get on the Hybrid and improve your make percentage.

Even though the Hybrid was designed to practice high level surfing, beginners can still learn a thing or two on this longboard. The quickness and agility required to improve in the water can be learned on land. If you aren't slashing down walls or dropping in at pipe just yet, you can still have a blast on the Hybrid. Mr. Miagi says, "Slash on, Slash off".

Mastering the cross over from surfing is the key to turning your local neighborhood into your very own surf camp. Plus, you don't need to displace natives or ruin an island paradise when you have a surf simulating longboard and paved perfection right outside your front door.

*Please note that all completes that are ordered with the Original S8 200mm and the Original S10 250mm trucks will not be assembled. We apologize for this inconvenience, and because of this issue we will ship out a skate tool (free of charge) with your purchase to help with the assembly of the board.

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