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Orangatang Caguama 85mm Orange 80a Longboard Wheels

Orangatang Caguama 85mm Orange 80a Longboard Wheels (set of 4)
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Product Description

Caguama 85mm Tall, 58mm wide with a 56mm contact patch, the orange is 80a in durometer so grippy yet still able to break loose to slide.

"Happy Urethane" is the proprietary blend of urethane chemistry at Orangatang. That's all we can say about that, other than, Orangatang wheels are incredibly fast, and bounce like hell when you drop them.

Remember the concept of rebound. You will hear it a lot as you become a longboarding jargon pro! Rebound is the wheel reaction to the surface that you are riding on. When the Caguama compresses and then releases its outer-lip, the effect is that of a rubberband. Rebound helps maintain your speed in and out of corners while cruising and carving. Happy Urethane's rebound kicks away pesky pebbles and bounces over the surface of the road! Nothing will slow you down, even those cracks in the road that mysteriously cross your path.

ORANGATANG'S DESCRIPTION Voluptuous urethane (proportionate in all the right places) for high speed with grip, comfort, and momentum.

Fast, Comfortable, & Functional At 85mm tall, the Caguama provides maximum roll speed for commuting, carving, long-distance pushing, pumping, and electric longboards. The 56mm contact patch with its surface skin provides confident grip, while the subtly rounded edges help the wheels pass smoothly across pavement cracks. Also features a 3-dimensionally faceted outer wheel face.

Large, Supportive Core A fully-exposed 46mm core with a deep valley-shaped cross section (same as in the Kegel) reduces weight while providing good acceleration and lots of momentum. This core is compatible with any electric skateboard that can accommodate Orangatang Kegels, allowing for an even faster and smoother ride.

Happy Thane Formula The Caguama is poured in our proprietary Happy Thane formula for high roll speed, excellent traction, and smooth, predictable slides.

Hatching the Caguama took many years of testing and fine tuning. Youd think wed be quicker at it by now, but as they say: the devil is in the details.

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