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Open Arms Africa

Open Arms Africa
God recently called us to visit an orphanage in Kenya. We went equipped to share the Gospel and teach a 3 day VBS on the life of Jesus. We were welcomed by 23 sets of open, loving arms of the kids from The Good Samaritan Orphanage. In those 3 days we had fallen in love with every single wonderful child. Each of the kids we ministered to had heard the Gospel and a majority of them had an evident relationship with the Lord.

Not too long after we arrived at the orphanage, we learned that there was definitely a huge need. In June of 2012 the landlord of the orphanís home is going to raise the rent and plans to rent the building to someone else. The husband and wife who run the orphanage have a small amount of land next to the building and a foundation poured. The only problem is they have no more funds to build the home they have planned to build for these wonderful kids. They are trusting and praying that God would provide what they need to continue and finish the new building.

Thatís where we all come in! We have the vision to help these kids receive what they need! So with every Open Arms T-Shirt purchase you make, 100% of the proceeds go towards building these kids a new roof over their heads!

Every $5 you donate will supply these orphans with 8 bricks to continue building their new home!

1 Shirt = 32 bricks
2 Shirts = 48 bricks

Plus you get a comfy tee to help remind you to pray for them and other orphanages too!

Thanks for your support and prayers!
-Boards On Nord Team

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