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NordiK Ceramic Longboard / Skateboard Bearings

NordiK Ceramic Longboard / Skateboard Bearings
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Product Description

NordiK Ceramic Longboard / Skateboard Bearings - good for your regular skate wheels or longboard wheels.

The NordiK Ceramic bearings are ideal for any rider that needs a bearing that will hold up to the weather. The ceramic bearings will not rust like steel ball bearings, and the double shield helps protect the bearings from debris. The shields are also removable which makes cleaning them quick and easy.

The great thing about ceramic bearings is they are less maintenance than steel ball bearings.

If you are wanting a low maintenance bearing at a great price that also performs well, then the NordiK Ceramic bearings are perfect for you!

Ceramic longboard bearings have significant advantages to their original steel counterparts. For starters, they're made from a sturdy Silicon Nitride that's both lighter and harder than traditional steel. Lightweight Silicon Nitride adds less weight, but most importantly, it allows for less friction while you skate. In contrast to steel, Silicon Nitride has a much finer surface that protects against friction. In turn, less heat is generated, and you spend less money on lubrication products in the long term.

Since ceramic longboard bearings create less friction, they produce a much smoother ride. To compare, simply switch back to your old steel ones and you'll also notice a significant difference in friction and feel less vibration as well. Furthermore, unlike steel, Silicon Nitride doesn’t rust. This means you can worry less about weather conditions and moisture affecting your parts.

Overall, the advantages of the bearings work together to increase your speed and enable smoother transitions. Upgrading from steel to Silicon Nitride is also the most economical choice since there's less upkeep involved. Fortunately, you can buy top brand ceramic longboard bearings right here at Boards on Nord at a discount price.

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