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Never Summer Longboards

Never Summer creates some of the most high-quality longboards on the market. The Never Summer Company built its reputation for high quality, durable products beginning in the early 80s. The company’s initial focus was building reliable, attractive, and performance-enhancing snowboards, hence the company’s unique name.

Once Never Summer had mastered their snowboard line and gained a worldwide reputation for quality, they decided to delve into the world of longboard creation. They were first and foremost committed to quality craftsmanship, so they sought out the best raw materials, manufacturers, and engineers while working on their designs.

Because the brand focuses so much on the quality of the longboards themselves and less on hype, there may not be as much exciting advertising for Never Summer Longboards as there is for other longboard brands. However, this does not mean you should overlook the Never Summer Longboard because these boards are some of the most carefully crafted longboards on the market.

Each board is handcrafted in Never Summer’s Denver, Colorado factory, so you can be sure that any longboard you purchase from this company is a high quality, carefully designed product. Because of the quality of the design and the careful labor that goes into these boards, they are quickly gaining a reputation as some of the best boards on the market. They cater to skateboarders who want a reliable board that is well-made and has a hand-crafted, made in America feel to it.

Never Summer offers a variety of longboards that are not only carefully engineered and hand-built, but are also aesthetically pleasing. Boards on Nord offers a great variety of choices, so you can get the Never Summer board that will enhance your performance and style without ever having to visit a retail store. Our prices are competitive with other retailers, and you can choose from several different beautiful designs.

So if you’re in the market for a new board that rides well, looks great, and is handcrafted in the United States, a Never Summer Longboard might be a great choice for you.

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