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Mini Longboard Decks

Mini Longboard Decks
Mini Cruiser Decks at NordBoards.com - We have tons of complete and decks for mini styled longboards with free shipping!

Behold, the humble mini longboard. All too often, this type of board is simply passed over in favor of traditional longboards, without its benefits being acknowledged. But these simple boards can be an excellent choice under many circumstances. So what should you consider when deciding whether or not to buy one of these short longboard decks? One thing to keep in mind is that they are easier to carry around with you. You can throw one into a large backpack or into your duffel bag easily, so you can ride whenever and wherever you want to.

The main thing you need to think about is what you want to use your board for and where you want to go on it. Most of these smaller boards feature a kick tail, making them easy to maneuver. These boards are a great choice if you want a way to get around campus or head to a nearby coffee shop or store quickly and easily. Smaller boards are also a bit cheaper for the most part, since they obviously require less material to build.

If you’ve decided that a smaller longboard is for you, check out our selection of mini longboard decks. We have a great selection in every taste and style. We offer top brands like Arbor, Sector 9, Landyachtz and Gravity. You can get our mini longboard decks in almost any color, and we offer tons of unique designs, so that you can get a deck that expresses your own personal style. We also offer mini longboard decks made from different materials to cater to your needs.

If you want a lighter more flexible option, check out our decks made from bamboo. If you want a traditional maple deck, we have those as well. Once you have a deck that fits your riding style, grab some great longboard trucks for it, and you will have yourself a great board that gets you where you need to go quickly and easily.

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