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Arbor Mindstate Walnut 2016 Longboard Complete

Arbor Mindstate Walnut 2016 Longboard Complete
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Product Description

Arbor Mindstate Walnut Longboard

The Mindstate mixes the classic styling of a pintail with the performance of a drop-through and a fiberglass-reinforced flex. Count on a smooth, responsive ride and an easy push and turn. Artist: Matt Smith

L: 37.50 W: 8.75 WB: 27.50

- 3 ply maple core, sandwiched top & bottom with fiberglass, and finished with a bottom maple ply and premium wood top
- Wood material comes from sustainable sources of supply
- Wood by-product is reclaimed for use in other products
- Decks are produced using eco friendly water-based sanding sealers
-Lucid clear spray-on grip made from crushed recycled glass

Ah yes, a perfect blend of the classic pintail with all the fixins of the new age drop through design. leaving you with easy long distance rides that dampens out all of those ugly road vibrations with its fiberglass reinforced flex that breaks in beautifully over time.

The Arbor mindstate longboard uses both Maple and fiberglass in its design making it much more resilient than its plain jane all maple brothers and sisters, this board is also only 37" long making this already awesome board extremely easy to tote around. a 27" wheelbase also makes this board EXTREMELY stable no matter how hard you're digging to get to your stop.

Recommended Setups:

Beginner: Boards on Nord default setup.
*BEARINGS: Rush Abec 5
*TRUCKS: Z-Flex 180mm Black
*WHEELS: B-O-N 65mm

Intermediate: For seasoned riders.
*BEARINGS: Bones Reds
*TRUCKS: Paris V2 180mm 50-degree Raw/Purple
*WHEELS: Arbor 70mm Black

Advanced: Experts only.
*BEARINGS: Bones Swiss Ceramics
*TRUCKS: Bear Grizzly 852's Black
*WHEELS: Orangatang Kilmer 69mm 80a Orange

Stoked!: Boards on Nord's skate gurus recommended setup.
*BEARINGS: Bones Super Swiss 6
*TRUCKS: Caliber 184mm 50-degree Midnight Green
*WHEELS: NordiK Freeride Center Set 70mm 78a White

*Also: All in One T-Tool, Bones Speed Cream, Bones Cleaning Unit, and of course Pads and Helmet! Skate Safe.

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