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Landyachtz Ramathorn Longboard Complete

Landyachtz Ramathorn Longboard Complete
Item #:landyachtz-ramathorn-hollow-tech-longboard-complete
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Product Description

Landyachtz Ramathorn Hollowtech Kicktail Longboard Complete

Newest edition for the 2016 line-up is the Ramathorn. Designed as a high speed technical top mount freeride board. The Ramanthorn longboard is super versatile in one single shape. It makes me smile when I think about skating this deck. Of course it sports Multiple wheelbase options and super deep wheel wells allow for a variety of custom setups. I highly recommend and lower degree 45-degree or lower truck if you're wanting a larger sized wheel. Hollowtech construction helps keep the weight down while a kick tail, deep concave and pocketed nose keep your feet in place in any situation.

Hollow Tech with Canadian Maple

Wheel flares, Front Pocket technology

37" Length I 9.75" Width I 22.75" Wheelbase

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