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Landyachtz Prophecy 2014 Longboard Complete

Landyachtz Prophecy 2014 Longboard Complete
Item #:landyachtz-prophecy-v2-2014-longboard-complete
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Product Description

Landyachtz Prophecy 2014 Longboard

The Landyachtz Prophecy was one of the first very boards designed with hollow tech. Justin Ortiz designed his board to be the ultimate downhill/freeride weapon. The prophecy features a twin shape and tight wheels base that make it ideal for free riding and itís light and strong core make it stand out in the downhill scene.

Hollowtech: Landyachtz Hollow Tech is one of the biggest leaps in technology for longboard manufacturing in years. The idea for hollow tech originated in Kimberley, BC where all of our hollow tech boards are created. The process of removing material from the core is what significantly reduces the weight. Material is kept where needed and removed where itís not. The 7 ply core is sandwiched between Tri-axle fibreglass and features sublimated top and bottom graphics. Landyachtz wanted to build stronger, lighter, faster boards - the hollow tech line delivers just that with the highest quality boards on the market. Get yours from Nord Boards today.

36" Length I 9.5" Width I 27.5" Wheelbase I 3.4 lbs Weight

7plys of Canadian Maple sandwiched between Tri-axel Fibreglass.

Rocker Profile with Wheel Flares

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