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Landyachtz Charlie Horse Longboard Complete

Landyachtz Charlie Horse Longboard Complete
Item #:landyachtz-charlie-horse-longboard-complete
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Product Description

Landyachtz Charlie Horse Longboard

Straight to the point, the Landyachtz Charlie Horse longboard has everything a simple topmount should have. Deep CNC-cut wheel wells for maximum clearance, multiple wheelbase options to get dialed in, and the perfect amount of concave with subtle W for maximum performance. If thatís not enough for you, the Hollowtech core keeps the Landyachtz Charlie Horse longboard light as a pony but strong as a Clydesdale. Just donít get lost in Charlieís eyes for too longÖ

HOLLOW TECH Coming from the depths of the Landyachtz laboratory, we would like to introduce to you, our new Hollow Tech construction. With the help of our good friend Jody Wilcox, we have managed to develop this fine tuned technology to create high-end/light weight skateboards. This unique form of board structure has been extensively tested to ensure that it is everything a technical skater needs.

The main objective with the Hollow Tech construction was to create an ultra light, yet bombproof board that is stiff and responsive. The process of removing material from the core is what significantly reduces the weight. Material is kept where needed and removed where itís not. The 7 ply core is sandwiched between Tri-axle fibreglass and features sublimated top and bottom graphics.

Length: 35.50"
Width: 9.00"
Wheelbase: 23.00" - 26.00"
Construction: Maple/Fiberglass
Concave: Mild
Flex: Stiff

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