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Freeride Longboard Decks

Freeride Longboard Decks
At Boards on Nord, we offer a great selection of freeride longboard decks. How do you know if this is the type deck you need? Freeriding is a type of longboarding that involves taking hills with a decent level of speed and knowing how to slide to control the level of speed during descent. This style of riding also involves some curb hops.

Freeride longboards are designed to accommodate this style of riding, so they are better suited for intermediate or advanced riders. Our freeride longboard decks can easily shred 180 degree front and backside slides with ease and style. Our selection of freeride longboard decks offers some great choices once you have reached the intermediate level of longboarding.

These Freeride longboard decks also make great gifts for any longboarders in your life who are no longer beginners and need a board for more advanced moves and downhill glides. We have decks from all of the top brands that you know and trust. From Landyachtz, we offer the Charlie Horse, the Time Machine, the Canyon Arrow, and several others. From Never Summer, we offer the Reaper and the Avalanche.

From Sector 9 we offer the Gauntlet, the Bomber, the Javelin, and the Barge, with many others. A few of our Arbor offerings include the Backlash and the Highground. We also offer decks from other brands like Rayne, Rivera and Bustin.

Not only do you get to decide on the brand of your choice, you also get to decide on the color and design that appeals most to you. We try to offer as many options as possible, so you can find a deck that fits your personality well. We also offer boards of different lengths and materials, so you can find something that meets your need for whatever level of speed and control that you desire.

Longboard trucks are not included with the decks, so be sure to find yourself a great pair of trucks to match your new deck. We offer a huge selection of trucks to choose from, so you can get your new longboard up and ready for new tricks in no time.

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