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Drop-Through Longboard Decks

Drop-Thru Longboard Decks
If you have a need for speed, drop-through longboard decks are just what you need. Drop-through longboard decks are famous for adding stability to fast rides, particularly down hills. Boards with drop-though style decks sit low on the ground, which gives your ride a less rickety feel. With one of these decks in your possession, you can say goodbye to the feeling of your longboard shaking as you glide down your favorite hill.

If you’re just beginning to try hills, a drop-through longboard is the perfect choice, as it will give you some much needed stability as you learn to maneuver. Another thing to keep in mind is that the longer your board is, the more stable it will be, so if you’re new to hills, go with the longer board if you are stuck choosing between two.

At Boards on Nord, we offer a variety of drop-through longboard decks, so that you can design the perfect board for your own riding style. We offer decks from all of the brands you know and love, such as Landyachtz, Arbor, Never Summer, and Sector 9. These brands offer some of the most popular and trusted drop-through longboard decks around, such as the Landyachtz Switchblade.

We offer decks made from many different materials. If you want the lightweight feel and flexibility of bamboo, you can check out options like the Sector 9 Lookout Bamboo deck. If you want a heavier, more traditional drop-through board, we have plenty of choices for you, like the Never Summer Heist deck. We offer these decks in a variety of colors and designs, so you can find something that suits your own personal style. Once you have your new deck, you can personalize it further by picking out some great longboard trucks for it.

Whether you’re someone who simply loves gliding down hills or a beginning longboarder, we know you’ll find a great deck for your needs in our selection of products.

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