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Drop Down Longboard Decks

Drop Down Longboard Decks
At Boards on Nord, we offer a wide variety of drop down longboard decks. These decks have many advantages. They are lower to the ground in the middle than they are on the sides, hence their name. The fact that the middle part of the decks are lower to the ground creates much more stability, which protects the board from wobbling as it goes downhill. This is particularly advantageous at high speeds, when longboards tend to wobble the most.

This type of deck is also very easy to grip, because its two ends are raised and easy to grab. Pushing is also made easier because the deck is closer to the ground. Drop down longboard decks are not the best option if you are looking for maximum flexibility, however, since they tend to be made with harder materials.

In addition, if you decide to buy one of these drop down longboard decks, you will need to watch out for your board “bottoming out” on things like speed bumps and curbs. Quite simply, the deck’s closer proximity to the ground makes it easier for it to get stuck on things. This type of deck can also be hard to turn at times, since you have to use stiff trucks with it. However, despite these minor inconveniences, drop down longboard decks are one of the best choices for smooth riding, and for this reason they are very popular.

We offer tons of options if you are interested in acquiring one of these decks. We carry top brands such as Sector 9, Landyachtz, Gravity, and Arbor. There are a ton of designs and colors to choose from as well. You could settle on anything from the simple and elegant look of the Arbor Prodigy, to the attention grabbing Sector 9 Feast.

We also offer a ton of unique and high quality longboard trucks, so be sure to check them out and get a pair for your new deck. We are sure that you’ll love your new drop down style longboard. So order yours today and get ready for the smoothest ride of your life.

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