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Complete Skateboards for Sale

Riders love to customize and assemble their gear - but sometimes a little help comes in handy. At Boards on Nord, we have complete skateboards for sale, saving you time and avoiding the headache and hassles of choosing your new equipment. You won’t have to worry about losing a great ride to personalization. With specially chosen features at the forefront of every design, you’ll be sure to get a deck that delivers on performance, as well as price.

Wheels, as well as their bearings, are crucial to the perfect ride. Many manufacturers are using state of the art plastics to produce the smoothest rides, and these durable designs also make it easier to handle complex tricks. With our range of complete skateboards for sale, you won’t have to worry whether or not the wheels you choose will negatively impact performance. Bearings and trucks presented with each deck ensure precise calibrations that are perfectly set to specific locations, ranging from skate parks to downhill tracks.

Every deck offers their own set of features, but most still follow some simple rules. Most decks can be categorized by their length and width, and the needs of the rider will decide which one is the best choice. For example, decks primarily used for tricks and ramps should be the lowest possible width while long term cruisers should feature larger widths. Noses, as well as tails, are similar, with each one making up the front and rear of any deck. Materials may have changed when it comes to wheel construction, but wood is still the primary choice for most decks, with fantastic longevity while remaining flexible, yet sturdy.

Accessories are essential to make the most of these complete skateboards for sale. From stickers to additional trucks, nothing is off limits when it comes to customization. Add wax to make the perfect grind on any ramp or curb. Bring out a new set of vibrant bolts, or add a skate tool to ensure you keep everything running smoothly. There is no limit to the number of accessories a rider can add to their arsenal.

Boards on Nord is committed to bringing the best gear to riders. Every day, our knowledgeable and friendly team works with beginners, as well as professionals, to choose the right equipment at prices they can afford. Contact us today to experience a new way of looking at online shopping.

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