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Longboard Completes

At Boards on Nord we have one of the best Longboarding Gear Selections in the World, check out our Longboard Trucks, Longboard Wheels, Longboard Bearings, Longboard Decks, and More. Get your custom longboard now. Make Sure to Check out our Longboard Decks, Longboard Trucks, Longboard Wheels, and Longboard Bearings Also checkout completes from Sector 9 Longboards, Gravity Longboards, Arbor Longboards, Omen Longboards, and Landyachtz Longboards We even stock electric longboards from E-GO. We carry all the top styles from all the top brands. We have the sector 9 lookout which is a bamboo styled drop through longboard. We have the arbor timeless pin board which is a classic pintail carving board. The Landyachtz switchblade longboard is one of the top boards over the last 5 years.

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